We grow a wide variety of tropical fruits including many available year-round (bananas, papayas), and others that grow seasonally. The seasonal availability chart shows what fruits are generally available in which months of the year.


Related to cherimoya, custard-like, sweet flesh.
Local varieties including Sharwil, Malama, Semil, Green Gold, Murashige. All are buttery in texture, with high oil content and distinct avocado flavor.

Banana, Apple
Smaller than typical “Chiquita”, firmer flesh and sweeter taste
(not available)
Favorite staple of Pacific islanders, used as starch, firm-ripe or soft.

Herbs, Assorted
Rosemary, Italian parsley (flat-leaf), lemon grass, kaffir lime leaf, sage.
Favorite Southeast Asian treat, very sweet, pungent smell, creamy pods surrounding edible (roasted) nut; 25-45 lb fruits.

Lemon, Meyer
Highly desired by pastry chefs, large, thin skinned, high juice content, sweeter than standard lemon.
Lime, Tahitian
Seedless variety, high juice content.

Also known as “dragon eye”, similar to lychee, thin brown skin covers opaque sweet fruit, small seed, crisp and juicy.
Red, pebbled skin, grape-like sweet fruit, small seed.

Mango, Local
Local varieties including Piri, Haden, Edwards, Keitt.
Mango, Rapoza
Best mango in the world!! Developed right here in Waialua. Large
(2+ lbs), firm flesh, no fibers, small seed, unbelievably sweet and juicy. Warning: once you eat a Rapoza, there’s no going back!

Valencia, Washington navel, Tabata; unbelievably sweet and juicy despite a sometimes ugly outward appearance (due to warm local climate).
Waimanalo (yellow), Sunrise (red); yellow variety 1.5 lb fruits, red variety smaller but generally sweeter.

Large variety, five-fingered fruit gives appearance of a star when cut cross-wise. Delicious juicy apple-orange flavor.
Fremont: small fruit, very juicy & sweet, distinct tangerine flavor; Clementine: easy to peel, less juicy.

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